Science Productions began in 2006, created by Chili Banks, DJ Ghaleon and Basketballjones. Our goal is to showcase music from the golden era of jungle, and its sounds, with our "We're Old School" series of events. Since its inception we have carved our own unique place in Toronto's vast Jungle scene. "We're Old School" is known as a place where DJs don't just have to touch on the surface of "Old School Jungle", but can feel free to dig deep. Science Productions caters to an intelligent Jungle crowd with mature tastes.

Throughout the years we've prided ourselves on throwing intimate jams to intelligent crowds. Science brings in a variety of Toronto's finest DJs and Producers, both circuit running professionals and bedroom vinyl collectors; who pop out of the woodworks to drop rare music which rarely hears the light of day in club settings.

Chili Banks has taken it into his own hands to launch "Children of the DrumS" events. This series caters to a crowd who loves the sounds of old Jungle; and believe that there was no reason to change it. These days it's refered to as "Choppage", "Drumfunk", "Edits" or "True School" to us though it's simply Jungle at its finest. Drum edits and Sub bass shake the floor and the scene at these events. So come join us one night, true Jungle has never gone away.