Moh Pai is a Toronto native, currently living in the US. Moh has been a member of the DnB scene and its roots since 1993. Trained as a drummer, Moh began to develop a unique sound in the studio. For more then a decade, Moh has produced many tracks, released on promo, on plates, and on vinyl through Top Shotta Recordings.

Moh Pai's sound is known for its heavy yet logical breaks along with heart pounding bass lines. While hosting a radio show and promoting his vinyl release "New Dawn," he was commissioned to produce the soundtrack for a national television show: "Canadian Desi." The music for the show needed to represent a clash of cultures, and was produced as a fusion of classic South Asian thematic elements with deep bass lines and syncopated beats. With such a large endeavor underway, Moh left the radio and put aside his Drum'n'Bass releases for a time.

Moh Pai is once again entering the studio, and has many new releases planned for the upcoming future with a refined sound and fresh approach.

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