Chili Banks' passion lies in Producing and Djing Jungle. Chili's passion began with late 80's Hip-Hop when he fell in love with the art of sampling and beat making. In 1994 he was drawn into Toronto's emerging underground rave scene. As the years past, he has worked as a Promoter, DJ, & Artist.

In 1998 he began producing his own brand of Jungle/ Drum & Bass. Some still describe his style as "Old School". He believes in the sound that he grew up on, call it what you will "Old School" or "True School" to him it's simply JUNGLE. Heavily edited drum breaks and sub-basslines are a must. Finding interesting and dynamic samples is just par for the course. His sample database continues to grow on a daily basis.

Over the past 10 years Chili has played at various clubs across Toronto, and throughout Ontario, as well as on the other side of the world in K.L. Malaysia. In 2010 Chili has been playing in Edinburgh, (UK) for Xplicit @ their huge Jungledub nights.

In 2006, he began the event promotion company Science Productions, along with DJs Ghaleon and Basketballjones to promote the true Jungle sound old and new with "We're Old School" and his own "Children of the DrumS" parties. He has worked along side some of the worlds elite DJs and Producers, promoting good Jungle.

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